All American Red Heads 1936-1986

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As you traverse this site and read about the All American Red Heads, I would like to send out special thanks.  To Coach Orwell Moore and his wife, Lorene "Butch" Moore. 
Without Coach Moore, this web site simply would not be what it is today.  When you think of a person that loved America with all his heart and the love of God in his soul, his belief in helping preserve and promote this legendary team and my efforts cannot be put into words.
It is because of that, that many players from the 1930s all the way up through the 1980s jumped on board and shared their stories of being one of the famous All American Red Heads.
I contemplated putting up names of those who helped this happen.  Yet, if I was to miss a name, I would feel bad. 
So, to all of you All American Red Heads, my heart felt thanks.  Coach Moore helped this start and all of you helped it become what it is today and will continue to help it expand.
As many in the country once again re-discover the story of the All American Red Heads and many more will be exposed to the greatest "Team" story in women's sports.
You are truly some of the great women to ever step onto the basketball court.
John Molina
Honorary All American Red Head - 2004 

Additional deep thanks of appreciation go to the following for their support of all of these efforts.  Without these people and others, these exhibits, web site and more would not be what they are.  


A person that deserves much thanks, is my beautiful wife, Roxanne 


Thank you.  John

Charlotte Adams

Marcia Adams 

Jolene Ammons

Jessie Banks 

Kay O'Bryan Burk 

Patty Bruce 

Lera Dunford Chawick (and Son, Bob) 

Cheryl Clark  

Wilda Kelly Clettenburg 

Janet Cox 

Brenda Moon Davis 

Denise Maurais Doucette 

Patricia "Toy" Dyer

Kathleen Ethington (in Memory of her Mother, Kay) 

Barbara Wells Gwinn 

Darlene Nabors Gould (Family, in memory of) 

Walter "Stretch" Hansen

Tammy Harrison 

Carolyn Gooch Hix 

Barb Hostert

Brenda Watson Hubbard 

Larry Jensen 

"Spanky" Losier 

Diania Kendell (in honor of Nota-Lee)

Brenda Obryan Koester 

Bernnie Hudgens King (in memory of her Mother, Nelli)

April Jensen Kocken 

Jackie Krutsinger 

Sandra Mann

Gail Marks

Willa Faye "Red" Mason 

Diane Martinson 

Sherri Mattson 

Nota-Lee McCain 

Orwell and Lorene "Butch" Moore

Lee Nielson

Pat Rimer Overman

Ben Overman 

Deb Parashak 

MaryKay Pfieffer (in memory of her Mother, Peggy) 

Joni Phillips 

Becky Harp Pritchett

Gwen Reed 

Faye Schales

Marsha Tate 

Lynn Holst Thomas 

Evelyn "Toby" McGee Turner 

Pat "Watusi" Deroche Weber 

Carolyn Wooldridge Williams

Mechelle Pollard Weyer 

Matt Zeysing 

May 2010 - A big thank you to Corina Seashore for her donation of artifacts of All American Red Heads player, Barbara Eyde (Lovett)

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