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Molly "Machine Gun" Bolin

March 2012.  An exhibit on the All American Red Heads went on display at the Big East Championships in Hartford, CT.  Players flew and drove in from various parts of the country



Sisters Brenda Koester and Kay Burk performed ball tricks and parts of their halftime show from back in their playing days at Village Gate, a senior community in Farmington.

The Red Heads received more media attention then they have had in years while in CT.  They left their hotel at 5:45 am to head to do a early morning radio show with UConn basketball and football announcer, Wayne Norman.

They then rushed over to WFSB, Channel 3 to do a taping of Connecticuts most watched daily television show "Better Connecticut" with Scot Haney and Kara Sundland.


Red Heads on Wayne Normans WILI radio show (look for March 1 2011 segment


Red Heads on WFSB's Better Connecticut

On Friday, March 2nd, it was time for the exhibition to open.  Over 1,000 artifacts would go on display.   They would date back to the 1930s and go right up until their final year on the road, 1986.





A painting done by the cousin of Red Head Mechelle Pollard Weyer was donated to the artifact collection and is proudly displayed with other players.


Brenda and Kay perform their routine for fans.  Hundreds and hundreds saw these 2 women perform their magic with a ball


2 of the newest fans of the All American Red Heads wore an actual jersey and spun a basketball on their finger.

This is one of the reasons the Red Heads became so popular across the United States.  They were great players, but also loved, appreciated their fans and never turned down a child for an autograph



Courant Reporter Paul Doyle with his daughters Sophia and Grace stop by to meet the players


Brenda, Pat and Kay viewing an exhibit on their own Red Heads.  Even the players learned more about the history of their team.


Diane Martinson and Brenda Moon Davis traveled many miles to be a part of this exhibit and helped make it a huge success


Becky Harp Prichett talks with fans as she wears a uniform that dates back to the 1960s


Brenda and Kay with Big East Associate Commissioner, Danielle Donehew.


Honored during halftime of the first game of the Big East Championships


Players pose with the Big East Championship trophy


John and Roxanne Molina with Brenda Koester, Gail Marks, Patty Bruce and Kay Burk


Sandra Mason spins a basketball amongst some of her new friends, the legendary All American Red Heads


Gail Marks and Becky Harp Pritchett autograph basketball that were given to the Big East to be given away to fans.


The front page of the Hartford Courant.  The Red Heads created so much interest, they became the first picture ever on the front page of the Courant for an event at the XL Center in Hartford that was not UConn related in well over 3 years.

Red Heads end up on front page of Connecticuts largest paper - The Hartford Courant


A prelude of things to come?  The All American Red Heads visit the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

The next get together.  Will the picture be on the top of the page?  Will the All American Red Heads become the first Women's Basketball team ever inducted into the NHOF. 

Stay tuned.................