Barnstorming America, Stories from the Pioneers of Women's Basketball

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The Red Heads

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Original 8x10 promotional pictures that were used to send to television stations and newspapers.

These are from  the 1960s to early 80s.  Many to chose from.
Single pictures $5.00, team pictures $7.00 each

Shipping 3.00 for 1-5 pictures.  Email for larger quantities

Individual player pictures

Team Pictures


Limited Edition "Throw back" Posters

These posters were made for the 2000 Red Heads reunion.  Very limited edition. each poster is in the tri-color frame work as the original posters when the Red Heads were on the road.  They measure 23x 17 1/2. 

1 poster is $10.00 (plus 7 shipping and handling and comes in a tube),

2 for $27.00  Shipping included

3 for $35.00 Shipping included

The early years.  Peggy Lawson, Kay Kirkpatrick, Ruth Osborn and more.  Teams up until the early mid 1940s

Even a picture of the Red Heads in the Philippines


Post World Warr II. 

Gene Love, Danny Daniels, Stubby Winters, Hazel Walker and more.

Also includes picture of the Red Heads with Bing Crosby when they were in Hollywood


1944 - 1954. 

The Years that include the begining of the Moores.  Pictures include, Lorene "Butch" Moore, Willa Faye "Red" Mason and Jessie Banks.


Above is a limited edition of a playing card deck of the All American Red Heads.  

Printed on high quality playing card stock, this deck features a team from the 1953-54 basketball season.  

Decks are $10.00 each or 5/50 plus shipping.  Payment can be made to Paypal listed below.

$12.00 + 3 shipping per deck.  Contact us for larger quantities to save on shipping



Coach/Player Jolene Ammons, Cheryl Clark,  Donna "Spanky" Losier, Paula Haverstick, Karen Logan, Lynnette and Lynnea Sjoquist 



Coach/Player Charlotte Adams, Barb Hostert, Linda Shanks, Wanda England, Lynnette and Lynnea Sjoquist, Rhonda Waters, Nancy Malone  



coach Bill Stotts, Kay O'Bryan, Paula Haverstick, Trudy Babcock, Jane Stotts, Marsha Tate, Joy Ribitski, Cindy Lalibertee, Tina Treat, La Ra Gibb


A 2 disc DVD set.  One disc has actual footage (silent due to copyright laws) of the Red Heads in action.  Footage taken from a game in 1968 and an Alumni celebration in the 1970s in Memphis.

features both game and halftime footage.  transferred from actual original footage

2nd disc has aprox 350 photos.  Many promotional photo's of the players and teams from the mid 1950s and up.  And then other photos dating back to the 1930s.

Complete set $25.00 + 3.00 postage.



Original 1974-75 Promotional Poster

featuring Charlotte Adams.  Charlotte would score over 25,000 points during her career and had 100 points in a double header during her days with the Red Heads.   

Other players include the Minnesota Twins, Lynnette and Lynnea Sjoquist, Linda Shanks, Rhonda Waters and Nancy Malone.

Posters are in very nice shape for almost 40 years.  Measure 23 x 17 1/2 inches.

$40.00 + shipping 


+ $7.00 shipping.  poster will be delivered in a tube.


Original Game Programs

16 pages unless otherwise noted.  most include history of the Red Heads, full pages dedicated to each player, a scorecard in the middle of the program  with a team picture above. Below is a page from each of the various ones for sale. 


$20.00 + 3.00 shipping

+ 3.00 shipping for up to 3 programs


1975-76 Program.

Featuring Lynnette Sjouqist (shown), Wanda England, Cheryl Clark, "Spanky" Losier, Marsha Tate, Barbara Hostert, and 6'10 Susan "Spike" Callahan

Coached by Charlotte "Sweetie" Adams. 


1976-77 Program

Featuring 6'10 Susan "Spike" Callahan.  Other players included veterans Donna "Spanky" Losier, Barb Hostert, Marsha Tate, Co- Captains Cheryl Clark and Wanda England.

Coached by Veteran Charlotte "Sweetie" Adams



Lynnea Sjoquist, Sherri Mattson, Marcia Adams, Rhonda Waters (Captain), Sue Branham, Gretchen Pinz



Captain "Kay-Kay" O'Bryan, Patty Bruce, Deb Parashak Carolyn Wooldridge, Linda Jones, Connie Howe and Marilyn Nelson 



1996 reunion program.  

52 pages (b&w) with over 20 pages of pictures of various teams starting back in 1936.  A brief history of the team and more.

$20.00 postage paid 

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